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Ever since moving to New Hampshire, Jane Nilles has brought life to the stories of artists, non-profit agencies and organizations, conservation commissions, churches and schools. Jane has crafted their messages in an intimate and simple fashion with a powerful, honest point of view that sticks. Her videos, interviews, and photographs resonate with her audiences so that they respond and react. Audiences walk away after reading an interview or watching a Talk2mi Productions video knowing clearly what the person, community, or organization is all about.

Jane’s qualifications include a MSBA from Boston University; Videomaker Video Production Workshops in Chico, CA and Newark, NJ; training in the technical applications of video production at New Horizons in Nashua, NH; and, informal photography classes by Uka Meissner-DeRuiz in Stuttgart, Germany, and by Earle Rich in Mont Vernon. In 2007, Jane filmed and produced a PR video for the Mont Vernon Conservation Commission that helped raise $150,000 to purchase Wah Lum Reserve, 248 acres in the Purgatory Brook Watershed; and in 2011, Jane collaborated with Tami Kleiner Shartrand of Illuminate Grace Films to film and produce a video for Bridges shown at their annual fund raising event in Nashua, NH. The event raised nearly $100,000…the most the domestic violence and sexual assault agency has ever grossed.  In 2012 and 2013, Tami and Jane produced two more PR videos for Bridges.

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